Saturday, October 18, 2008

May June July

From September 16, 2008

My experiences in the holy land so far have all been positive. I never
have anything to complain about, because I think I may be in the most
wonderful place on the planet.

Two days ago I was walking up a street in the Old City when a lime
rolled toward me and landed right in between my feet. (the only time
in my life I've ever been able to catch anything!) A moment later I
was swarmed by a crowd of young, screaming Arab boys who were playing
soccer with fruit. An hour later we saw Jewish boys pressed up against
a grated window at a school building. They yelled "Shalom" as loudly
as possible and then threw an apple core at us. The children here
are... interesting.

People in this city are always tightly holding their favorite set of
prayer beads. I have seen taxi cab drivers shouting out their windows
while counting prayers slowly in their hand.

This week I had another experience with the money changer. "oh! You
are going to Egypt? May got bless you! May you travel safety! May June
July!" Eh......

Being stuck in the center for even one day makes me realize how much I
really love the city. I don't understand the students here who stay in
and study. I feel like I have to go out every day unless I'm not
allowed. If I get a B I think it will be worth it. We are required
here to travel always in groups of three. this has become a little
frustrating ot me, because you have to find some people who want to
leave the center and go to the same place that you do, but if you ask
too many people you will soon end up with a group of 20 people.

Yesterday i went to the pools of Bethesda, where Christ healed a
paralytic. It was a beautiful place, accompanied by a beautiful
monastery. I have noticed that I have not seen a single no flash, or
no picture warning signs in the Holy Land. And most churches are
completely deserted. This gives us the chance to sing in the
cathedrals and take as many pictures as we want. This is a new idea to
me. And sometimes I even use my flash! I am definitely not in France.

Lots of Love from Yisrael!

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